Time for JAM 2

As we stepped in the second month of school, we were introduced to more complex projects. Everything started to seem a little more interesting. Some people instantly grew comfortable with each other while others were still trying to know each other. As we rolled in the Wednesday class for our 4th week, we were introduced to our new design Jam, which was based on wearable tech, with an interesting twist to it.

Normally, we would get divided in teams and create a brief, coming out with a solution to the brief was the challenge, we faced in the following weeks. However, this time we got divided in three teams and created our brief, keeping wearable technology as our central theme, after that our professors decided to switch our briefs with one another.
This worked out really well in two ways,
All the ideas that we had in our minds while creating the brief, would not be taken forward, getting us back to square one and forcing us to think beyond our initial ideas, which opens up our minds and we start accepting more concepts instead of fixating on one initial concept.
Secondly, we get to step in the shoes of a client, to hand over our brief to another creative team and communicate our vision and expectations to them. This helps us to understand the point of view of both the sides of the creative process.

Excited to embark on this journey, we received our brief which was to make changes in the fashion industry to challenge our consumerist behavior and reduce planned obsolescence.

ChameleO team on to something big. (Concept finalization process)

ChameleO team on to something big. (Concept finalization process)

We did a lot of research on future of fabrics and how planned obsolescence has made us the prime consumers, ready to spend all our money on the ever changing fashion trends. By this time all of us had an idea of where the project was going and some beautiful ideas began to emerge. Over the next week that followed, we as a team did this massive brainstorm, where we doodled our individual ideas and put them together to combine. We came up with what we named CHAMELE-O

CHAMELE-O is a system of future clothes, that makes use of smart woven fabric and OLED glass fibers together to create a self shedding and adjusting clothing line. We came up with a concept, where the smart cloth, would be integrated with thermal sensing technology and make changes to its thickness and length according to the outside temperature, just as a chameleon makes changes to its appearance according to the environment.

We decided on a no waste system, where user would be responsible of collecting all the shedding of the clothing and take it to the facility when the season changes from summer to winter to weave a thicker garment, which would the follow the same circle. Keeping in mind the changing trends and color usages, we decided to keep it all white, attached to an app which can then be used to upload designs, patterns or colors to the OLED enabled cloth.
Giving users full accessibility and ease of customization to create a NEW FASHION TREND EVERYDAY, which suits their body type.

The set of people I worked with this time (Soraya, Anzella, Kris and Qayam) were all very good with their skill sets, so we worked individually and as a team on this project. We gave each other enough space to come up with their individual ideas and then when we met as a team, I was happy at how seamlessly we were able to integrate some part of each others concept in the final concept.

It was no surprise that this design jam turned out to be better than the one we did earlier as this time, we had a lot of good ideas on the table, and making the decision, to go with one, while still constantly upgrading it was a good way to design systems.
I thoroughly enjoyed this time, we spent working on the design jams as it feels like a break from the regular class work and also an opportunity to go wild with our creative sides.